Can the apps that i have on my itouch 4 be put on an ipad2 or an ipad3 without taking the apps off of my itouch?

if i were to transfer my apps from one device to another, would the same apps be on both devices or only on one

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    Yes, apps 'ownership' is done is handled via your Apple ID account. Therefore you can put any app on any device associated with your Apple ID.

    • Answered by Jorge L from San Francisco
    • 24/07/2012
  • If the app works on both an iPod Touch and an iPad, then you can transfer it via iTunes without losing it on your iPod Touch. Example:

    App installed on iPod Touch

    App synced with iTunes

    App installed on iPad

    App still on iPod Touch

    • Answered by A D from Gilbert
    • 17/09/2012