can we text to other networks using ipad 2 wifi+3g

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    Depends on your messaging platform. You can go across networks using iMessage but can only get to apple devices.

    However, you can use a third party messaging app and get to anyone..

    • Answered by Thomas G from Lansdale
    • 12/11/2012
  • yes

    • Answered by Oliver H
    • 14/11/2012
  • Users 'texting' with 'Messages' on ipad or ipod touch are really using Apple's instant messaging service 'iMessage'.

    On iphone, messages that are using 'iMessage' appear blue. If on iphone iMessage- can't reach a contact via iMessage, 'Messages' will automatically try sms messaging instead.

    For an ipad using 'Messages', your ipad requires an internet connection (through wifi, bluetooth or cellular). With this internet connection, 'Messages' can reach your contacts through 'iMessage' only if the contact information imcludes an email address that is an Apple ID (used with iTunes or App Store). It's also possible to configure iMessage to receive messages for you using any additional email addresses you have. Mine's configured to work with about 10 addresses.

    • Answered by James S from Calgary
    • 12/11/2012
  • If the person on the other network is using an iPhone or iPad, then yes. You can message any other iOS user on any network so long as iMessage is turned on in the settings.

    • Answered by Andrew J
    • 10/11/2012