Has anyone purchased the iPad / iPad mini without 3G / 4G and then regretted it?

At the minute I primarily need an e-reading tool, so am not really looking to commit to a data tariff. I have my phone for this and figure that there is Wifi capability when needed. However I'm not likely to upgrade for a fair while (FYI: still on 3GS) so am wondering whether I'll be kicking myself in 6 months for not spending the extra £100.

Any personal experiences would be really helpful...

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  • I know this is an older question but thought I would comment nevertheless. I have 3 IPads. iPad 1, iPad 4 (retina) and min iPad. Have never ever regretted not paying the extra to get the 3G 4g etc access. I have my iPhone 5 for that. I have never needed to use my iPad in a non wireless access point. You save money on the purchase and the monthly fees just to have the access. Not worth it. And I love my iPhone 5. And I have a data plan that I have never exceeded my monthly allotment while using my phone for Internet access outside of a wireless connection. Hope that proved to be true in your case since your purchase.


    • Answered by Alex P from Kettleby
    • 27/10/2013
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    I bought the iPad mini without cellular connection and so far I wish I had I have recently taken a trip to Goldcoast and Fiji and found the resorts do have wireless Internet I really regret it because it would always be handy to look something up on safari make a FaceTime call or send an iMessage I recommend you do spend the extra money on the 3G

    • Answered by Flynn B from Perth
    • 22/01/2013
  • I purchased an iPad 3G and then regretted because with so many hotspot you hardly use it ,unless you haven't got broadband @ home is useless stick for the wifi only

    • Answered by David B
    • 22/12/2012
  • Isn't there such a thing as a mobile hotspot? If you travel a lot, then it would be useful for other wifi or bluetooth capable gear, right? I don't know. Like I say, I am a "caveman" when it comes to tech stuff. Hehe.

    • Answered by José H from Costa Mesa
    • 04/12/2013