Hi all I need an e-reader. Should I get the 9.7" IPad Pro or the 12.7" IPad.

No games, but will need to view PDF documents and of course Kindle books.


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    9.7 is the right weight and comfort to hold for your needs

    • Answered by Arthur F from Boynton Beach
    • 31/01/2017
  • Well folks, I did purchase the 12.9 inch model. I use it as an e-reader, but simply cannot figure out what else it can do (besides e-mail and basic surfing). There must be a more productive use for this devise. Any input would be great. I did get MS Office (subscription), but do not use it because I do not know where any of the documents are stored or how to retrieve them. The good folks at the Apple store also do not know.


    • Answered by Michael M from Brunswick
    • 14/06/2017