i have a iphone,i pad,ipod is it possible to interactively chat/facetime with the 3 devices with family members having 1 apple id for all 3 devices?

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    Yes! Just go to FaceTime and call the Apple ID.
    Because it's only one Apple ID all 3 devices will ring when u call it, you can't choose which specific device to call. I suggest creating 3 different apple IDs for each person

    • Answered by Leslie G from Queanbeyan
    • 24/10/2012
  • yes,
    you can in the settings, on the mac, or iOS device go into Facetime settings, and add multiple or on/off ways to contact that component.

    iOS devices (iphone/ipad...)
    Settings > FaceTime > You can be reached by FaceTime at:
    then check on/off
    cell number(on)
    or emails you setup

    Mac OSX (Lion/Mtn Lion)
    LaunchPad (Rocket) > Facetime application (camera)
    once the FaceTime launches
    in the very top left of the screen, Click on FaceTime, then the drop down Preferences, will cause to the right of your camera image new items to appear (Preferences)
    where you can can edit contact options, then press DONE.

    • Answered by Derrick A from Calgary
    • 25/10/2012