I have an I-Pad and my question is that when I travel within the US, as a passenger, how do I get internet access?

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    If by "as a passenger" you mean you will be literally a passenger on a train, car or plane for the duration of your trip you will need either a) Wi-fi on the method of transportation you are using, for instance, some airplanes now provide complimentary Wi-fi for passengers OR b) you will need a 3G or 4G compatible model of the iPad.

    If you have a Wi-fi only iPad and you are on an airplane or a train, ask an attendant if there is Wi-fi available. If so, you will need to know the name of the network, which the attendant should be able to tell you. Then you just go into Settings (the icon with the gears), -> Wi-fi -> Wi-fi (must be set to ON) and then select the network name from the list of networks.

    If you have a model of iPad that is 3G or 4G compatible, go into the first Verizon or AT&T outlet you see when you go into the states and ask to set up a data plan for your iPad. They are month-to-month plans that will give you internet almost anywhere you go while you are traveling in the States. Just make sure you terminate your service before you go home!

    • Answered by Hannah C
    • 27/03/2012