I would like to buy either Ipad3 or macbook air. I cannot seem to decide and maybe you can help me. This needs to be family friendly.

I have 2 kids 12 & 16 who will prob want to download music and movies. I have a husband who travels a lot so I would like to be able to chat to him via email or skype. Although I have not used a mac before I have used the ipad and found it easy to navigate, will this be the case with the mac book air. Please advise which you think i should buy.

  • Asked by fn

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    The Macbook Air is even easier to navigate than the iPad. I own both and found that I prefer the macbook air for a few reasons.

    1. The iPad can only do ONE THING AT A TIME. Yes, it has multitasking, but you only have one screen/program. The macbook air is a full computer. It can run multiple programs in multiple windows and you can see those windows at the same time.
    2. The ease of use of the iPad has essentially been ported over to MacBooks with the giant trackpad and gestures in Lion. You'll find yourself doing what you need to faster than you've ever done on windows or the iPad.
    3. The highest configuration iPad can only hold 64GB of data. Your kids will download music and movies and you'll find that gone quickly. Most Airs come with 128GB standard, but can be upgraded to 512GB if needed. You can also get an external HD, USB 3.0 to add even more storage. I keep my entire music library on an external 32GB USB Drive and it works great.
    4. The only drawback on the Air over the iPad is the price, which is often doubled. However, the benefits of the Air are still more than double the iPad...

    • Answered by Michael X from Farmington
    • 01/07/2012
  • I would go with the MBA because it is a computer with a full keyboard, and I am all about keyboards.

    I think you would see that the HD fills up very quickly on the MBA and it would on the iPad too. I would almost recommend you the MBP or iMac.

    • Answered by John S from Ankeny
    • 22/05/2012