iPad mini or iPad 3?

OK. So I'm going to college in the fall, & I'm choosing to buy an iPad for school. I'm going to Community College part time, & I'm planning on getting an iPad, wireless keyboard, & stylus so I can either write notes or type them, get eTextbooks, etc. Now I would just like to know which tablet would be better for school. I like the portability of the iPad Mini but I like the screen size of the iPad 3. Also, I would be buying the iPad Mini new, but the iPad 3 refurbished from Apple. I currently have an iPhone 4, 160 GB iPod Classic, Apple TV, & I've owned almost every generation of iPods & iPhones so I'm no stranger to Apple products. I've also been using my dads 1st gen. iPad recently, and my mom has the iPad 2. I like them both. I'm just wondering what anyone could say which would be the better buy? Thanks!!

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    If this is going to be your only device for college (you didn't say if you have access to a computer, either desktop or laptop), I would suggest the regular iPad. It will give you more screen space for doing papers, taking notes, spreadsheets (I love Google Drive for all of this), online research, etc. It, paired with a keyboard or keyboard case, such as the ZaggFolio, makes a nice little package that could, with a bit of getting used to, take the place of a MacBook Air or netbook. I know since I got mine over two years ago, I have not opened my MacBook (older white version) at all. Not even once. It totally took it's place. However, I do have an iMac for everyday work.

    If you only have a desktop computer (or no computer at all), you are definitely going to want to go the larger route. However, if you already have a laptop computer or netbook, then an iPad mini is definitely more portable and easier to carry. (Although I haven't found the ZaggFolio/iPad 3 combo difficult to carry at all.)

    • Answered by Nora K from Deltona
    • 03/05/2013
  • iPad Mini is very portable so I suggest that you get the iPad Mini. I have an iPod Touch right now. . . and I love how portable it is. Your welcome!!

    • Answered by Jeffrey S from Greenfield
    • 13/02/2013