is there iPad mini available in 64 Gb?

i want to buy i pad mini,if it is available in 64 GB memory or have the Sd card slot.

3 Answers from the Community

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    Yes, the iPad mini comes in 64GB, but does not have a SD card slot.

    • Answered by Laura M from Iqaluit
    • 25/10/2012
  • It is available in 64GB. You can choose the Wifi only model or Wifi + cellular model. It doesn't have an SD card slot so you cannot expand memory after purchase.

    • Answered by Pablo A
    • 25/10/2012
  • yes, there is a 64gb model. no iOS device ever came with an SD card slot and I don't believe there'll be one in the future

    • Answered by Zhiyun Y from Wollongong
    • 26/10/2012