It is for a 6 year old, should i get 16 or 32 GB?

I want a refurnished or new ipad.

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    I recommend the 32GB iPad, I'm using the 16GB iPad and it doesn't seem enough.

    • Answered by Yap B
    • 25/11/2012
  • For a 6 year old 16 should be plenty of space. I recommend putting some kind of block on the ipad as well for apps the child should not be using.

    • Answered by Keela B from Love
    • 24/11/2012
  • Definitely 16. You won't need the storage.

    • Answered by Puneet V from Kelowna
    • 23/11/2012
  • For a 6 yrs old I think 16 is enough.

    • Answered by Nancy A from Cairo
    • 21/12/2012