Should i get 32gb or 64gb ipad mini?

I have 64 movies and 75 books and some games

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    I opted for the 32gb model. I have the 64gb iPhone 4s and I have never even come close to filling it up. I have 20 movies, my entire iTunes library (but set to sync at 128 kbps) and tons of apps and I still have 11 gigs to play with. The whole point is to use iTunes to keep your content fresh so you don't leave the same old movies on the device at the same time, you sync what you want. Plus you get 5 gigs additional in the cloud so really your 32 gig is 37 gigs. I think you should save the extra $100 and invest in a nice case, an extra charging cable and whatever else you need. All just my opinion but buy what you want :)

    • Answered by Jeremy Z from Brookfield
    • 06/11/2012
  • 16GB is an estimate of up to 3,200 songs, or up to 10,666 photos, or up to 4 HD movies, or up to 22 Standard Movies, or up to 1 HD TV show season (30 minutes each), or up to 13,333 Books.

    32GB is an estimate of up to 6,400 songs, or up to 21,333 photos, or up to 9 HD movies, or up to 45 Standard Movies, or up to 2 HD TV show season (30 minutes each), or up to 26,666 Books.

    64GB is an estimate of up to 12,800 songs, or up to 42,666 photos, or up to 18 HD movies, or up to 91 Standard Movies, or up to 4 HD TV show season (30 minutes each), or up to 53,333 Books.

    • Answered by Alexandria G from Arlington
    • 05/11/2013
  • If you watch movies and play games on your iPad, the more gbs the better. Games especially use up gbs. I have games, music, and photos on mine, and very often I have to save them to my computer to regain gbs.

    • Answered by Judy R from Bronx
    • 09/11/2012
  • It really depends on how you use your iPad. For some People, a lower capacity will be just fine. Others will be happy to have a lot space to fill, for example:

    1) People, who take a lot of pictures and videos. Especially HD video clips can fill up even 64GB quite easily. To be fair, recording videos with an iPad looks a bit awkward. You might end up not doing it, even if you plan to record a lot clips.

    2) People, who buy a lot of music or videos. People, who are listening or watching free Podcasts. A Video Podcast or a Movie in 1080p with 2 Hours or playtime will fill up 6-7GB of your Capacity. If you listen a lot to audiobooks, you will quickly fill up your capacity as well.

    3) People, who play a lot of games. Game Apps can fill up a lot of Space per Game quite easily. I already played games who robbed 1,2GB from my iOS Device. However, most games will be satisfied with 100-200Megs per Game. Some simple games will e even more frugal.

    Before choosing your model, you should also be aware of the inability to add more space whatsover. 32GB will be enough for you, if you use the iPad mainly for surfing the web, reading news or use streaming services, like web radio or streaming from your iTunes library. However: More disc space will enable you to use your iPad for more purposes.

    • Answered by Michael W
    • 30/06/2013
  • 64gb

    • Answered by Kathy M from Lubbock
    • 18/03/2014
  • you can probably get by with the 32gb but if it was me i would go with the 64gb

    • Answered by Michael B from Gordonsville
    • 26/12/2013
  • 64

    • Answered by Natalia J
    • 22/01/2013