Should i get a 32gb or 64 gb ipad?

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    As you may have guessed; it depends on what you use it for. However, that being said; for the most part I believe that you should buy the most memory that you can afford. Especially when you consider that the difference in double the memory in this case is only $100.00. If you have previously owned an iPad prior to the retina display, whatever you had on your device, since the New iPad is retina, the applications have been optimized to take advantage of the retina display which equates to larger applications. This means that even if you don't add any additional apps other than the ones you previously had, the amount of memory needed will be increased to support the optimization of the apps to work with the retina display. Flexibility is key, and 64 GB gives you that. Another way of looking at it is: As my mother used to say: "Better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it." So, 64 GB is my recommendation. Flexibility.

    • Answered by Sterling S from Fredericksburg
    • 24/10/2012
  • a 32gb because it's no diffence just more space

    • Answered by Fardowsa S from San Diego
    • 14/04/2013