Should I get the 3rd gen refurbished model?

Apple is offering the 3rd generation iPad, or the "New iPad", starting at $379 for 16GB.
Is it worth it or should I purchase the the 4th gen iPad, because of the new processor. So really the question is, is the A6X processor a decent improvement over the A5X?

It would be used for educational games and apps for a grade 1 student.
Would also be used for simple games, but nothing like infinty blade.
And would pretty much do all the basic work for me.
Thanks so much
Merci Beaucoup

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    I believe the title question and the one you ask on the text itself are not mutually exclusive: while the A6X is a great improvement over the A5X, it will not make any amount of discernible difference to the types of activities you are referring to. Therefore, for such applications, I would definitely pocket the difference and buy the refurbished model.

    I should note, however, that the processor is not the only difference between the 3rd and 4th gen iPads. The front-facing camera is much improved on the 4th gen (HD def versus old VGA), and you can also get a 128gb version for the 4th gen. Again, relevant differences, but which do not vouch, in my opinion, the added expense.

    • Answered by Henrique A from Newark
    • 01/08/2013