what airport should i have for an ipad2 16g to get wifi?

I just bought an ipad 2 16g last Sunday - I have Ethernet connection for the internet through Verizon - i can't access my manual that was saved during my inital set-up and I want to know the name of the brands of airports (router) I should look to buy for my ipad.


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    I have an iPad1, an iPad2, and an iPad3. I use the Apple AirPort Extreme as an in-home router. It works as advertised, providing high speed Internet to all my portables as well as my Apple PowerBook G4 laptop and desktop iMac.

    Hope that helps, even though you asked about it last May.

    Best, Art A Port Angeles, WA

    • Answered by Art A from Port Angeles
    • 14/01/2013