what apps enable making a phone call from an iPad Mini w 3g, and what charges are associated with making voice calls?

I'm wondering whether I could get away with not having an iPhone (which I don't like using for much besides making voice calls, since the screen is so small) and just use an iPad mini for calls and more.

But I don't want to do this if using it for voice calls is exorbitantly expensive.

Thanks for sharing your experience and insight on this.

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    Yes. I have done this. There are several apps that you can allow you to utilize your ipad as a phone. I am pretty sold on Talkatone, so far. It requires a gmail account to establish a Google Voice number, but you can then get a local number with your current area code. I now carry one device. I currently have AT&T plan for 3 gb per month, and it is thirty dollars. My usage is not heavy though but I have seen virtually no bump in my data usage. I am always well below my cap. The app is well designed for talk or SMS texting. I dropped a separate phone altogether. The app works great but I also upgraded to the "premium" level which bangs for a whopping 20 dollars per YEAR. Removes ads and improves sound and moves you to the front of the calling que for any customer support (I have used this for about seven months now and never needed customer support yet). Good interface. Easy to use. Very handy.

    • Answered by Gary E from Mechanicsburg
    • 17/07/2013