Whats best for the elderly?

My elderly parents are in a home, and want to keep in touch with relatives aroud the world via Skype. They also like to watch shows, the news, and poker. They both have impaired hearing & vision.

I like that the Ipad is lighter and more compact than a laptop, but not sure whether an original, or a 2 or 3 would best serve their needs.

Any advice?

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    The mini has a smaller screen, but weights less than half of the others. I believe the first gen ipad was the heaviest, I suggest you avoid that one. I think the retina display would make zero difference for them. So really, you need to decide between and ipad 2 or an ipad mini. I suppose you'd HAVE to go retina if you wanted the ipad 2 size, but needed a cellular data connection (ipad 2 is no longer sold with a cellular option). Good luck.

    • Answered by James S from Calgary
    • 16/11/2012