whats the main difference between ipads 1-2an3

apple ipads

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    The iPad 1 has NO cameras, and it has the mediocre A4 Apple proccessor with 256mb of memory. It has a curved back. It also doesn't work with smart covers. The celllular model has 3G to add to the wifi standard.

    The iPad 2 has a front-facing camera for facetime video chats, and it has a 720p HD rear camera with about 1 megapixel stills. The iPad 2 is compatible with the smart covers that apple makes. The 2 has an A5 processor and 512mb of memory. It has a relatively flat back, making it a lot lighter and thinner than the first ipad. The cellular model has 3G to add to the wifi.

    The iPad 3 has the same front facing camera and facetime. It also supports smart covers. The back camera uses better optics in general, as well as it can film in 1080p HD, and can take 5MP still photos with autofocus/stabilization. The cellular model supports 4G LTE along with wi-fi. The iPad three, when the software is updated, can use Siri, the digital assistant on the iPhone 4S. The main improvement is the Retina display, which has four times as many pixels, to give a crisper image. It displays better colors, as well. This iPad has a 1GHz A5X processor and 1GB of memory.

    They all come in 16, 32, or 64gb hard drive sizes. Hope this helped!!

    • Answered by Evan D from Brooklyn
    • 17/08/2012