where can i find the right adapter to connect a usb microphone to IPAD2 for use with garage band?

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    Get the iPad camera connection kit. There are two things that come: 30-pin connecter to USB and 30-pin connecter to SD. what you do is plug the USB connecter into the iPad then the USB microphone. It's really easy and cool. I did this with keyboards, USB headphones and a microphone. Apple sells the camera connection kit so you know it's not cheap. I own one and I almost use it everyday

    • Answered by Matt G from Phoenix
    • 24/10/2012
  • On the apple website, click store in the top banner and then "shop iPad" ,and look around for accessories there. However many adapters are for high quality midi connections. The ipad can use the built in mic on GarageBand for USB quality recording.

    • Answered by Mike R
    • 24/10/2012