Why does my phone hold more storage than the iPad mini when they are the same GB

I've compared both my iPhone and iPad mini, which are the same GB, and it seems that my phone is able to hold much more storage than the iPad mini. I'm finding that when I go to update an app that I already have on the iPad mini, a message will pop up saying that there is not enough storage and to go to settings to make changes. I'm having to delete apps due to the fact that my ipad mini doesn't have enough "storage". I'm pretty disappointed in the iPad mini, and upset at the price I paid for it. Is there anything I can do about increasing my storage on the iPad mini?

1 Answer from the Community

  • It happened to me the same problem. Just reset and reload ur iPad. It works for me

    • Answered by Bai L from Houston
    • 17/04/2013