why should i get the ipad mini for such a big price?

i am planning on getting the ipad mini only because my dad wont let me get the iphone...so i want to buy this because it is much like an iphone but you cannot talk into it. my question is why should i buy it for 330 dollars plus tax. so in the end it would be about 340 dollars.

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    I am debating the same thing. All of my family members have iPads, and I am about to get one as a gift. I kind-of would want the mini because I am very busy around the house and it would be easier to hold and multitask, even though it is smaller. Also, I have a 3rd generation itouch and droid phone and enjoy watching movies on these more than I do the tv: It is small enough to watch movies in bed without the light disturbing my hubby.

    • Answered by Tasia C from Fairburn
    • 09/12/2012