Can I get a cable that plugs my 4s into my HDTV (component, composite etc...) that will play the vid&audio successfully??

I rented a set from an intercontinental hotel, while on a business trip, and they were made by Belkin & supposedly made just for what I asked about but they plug into the headphone source even though they had 3 rings on the tip; 1 vid, 1right audio, 1 left audio... Not work and on 4s there is no video or tv out setting under the old iPod heading in settings menu?! Help, thanks, j

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    Yes, there are cables that will allow you to do that.

    Check out Apple Composite AV Cable

    • Answered by Dionicio O from Bell
    • 20/10/2012
  • Yes apple sells an adaptor that has a female HDMI port on it as we'll as a 30 pin connector for syncing and charging. However you will need to purchase a separate HDMI cable.

    • Answered by Mitchell P from Calgary
    • 19/10/2012