Can I get an unlocked iPhone from this website without choosing a network carrier? I'm from Malaysia, and I would like to buy only the phone.

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    Yes, since iPhone 4, Apple has sold unlocked iPhones( off-contract) it will be a GSM iPhone if you buy an iPhone 5, BUT, Apple hasn't release the off-contract iPhone 5 yet, however, if they do, the can release either de A1428 GSM that works with LTE in the frequencies 4 (AWS) and 17 (700b MHz) model or the A1429 GSM that works with the frequencies 1 (2.100 MHz), 3 (1.800 MHz) and 5 (850 MHz), but it will support 3G on any other network, contact your service provider to know if they are planing to deploy LTE and in what frequency

    • Answered by Francisco O from Durham
    • 14/10/2012