Can you print out text messages received on your iPhone? If so, how?

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    yep edward
    try a third party app - i use printcentral on mine for printing out texts

    • Answered by Claire S from Ventnor
    • 01/09/2012
  • open the message, select EDIT in upper right hand corner
    tap and hold on the segment you want to print, tap on COPY (this puts the selection on the clipboard)
    close messages, open NOTES, tap "+" in upper right hand corner to make new note
    tap on the new note, and then tap on PASTE, the note now contains your original message
    tap on DONE, then tap on FORWARD at the bottom of the page, then tap on PRINT
    in PRINTER OPTIONS, select your printer, then tap on PRINT
    the note containing your message will be sent to your air-print printer

    • Answered by David N from Walla Walla
    • 22/08/2013