If I have an android phone. How do I transfer all of my media to an iphone 4s.

3 Answers from the Community

  • Copy all your music onto a PC or Mac with Itunes and Import All the Songs.
    Put it in the Music Folder and From Itunes click File-Add to Library

    • Answered by Shlomi O from Woodmere
    • 15/09/2012
  • Use a google account. Set it up in you android phone, then go to settings>privacy>Back up data... Or Go to Accounts, and select the one from google, then back up you contacts and media. Then go into you iphone and add the account to it, it will show you a menu where you can pick what things can be synchronized.

    • Answered by Michael M from San Pedro
    • 16/09/2012
  • Hi Dear!
    it not depends your iPhone , iPodTouch Or iPad Model!
    Drag n Drop your Media of Your Android OS Smartphone to your Mac or PC when you connect it with your Android OS Smartphone Computer Cable !!! " SO EASILY "
    Try to launch the iTunes n go to each part that you need!
    n Sync or Transfer Your Media to your iDevice !

    All Done !!!!

    Good Luck (and forget Android OS Smartphones for Ever ;) )

    • Answered by Masih S from Washington
    • 15/09/2012