should I get a ipad mini or a iphone 5

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    Well, they both serve two entirely different purposes. I'm assuming you don't need a call function?!
    If this is the case then obviously the iPad mini is a much better option all round....larger screen etc. And it will save you a few hundred pounds.

    If money isn't necessarily an issue then I would personally recommend the New iPad, as it has an even larger display with retina, which looks spectacular for gaming and viewing photos. It comes with a higher spec processor which will allow you to multitask fluidly with ease, also helps if you're into gaming.

    But again it depends on your needs.

    iPhone 5's are fantastic, I have one and I would not be without, however, if you don't need a telephone then it rather defeats the purpose in my opinion.

    Hope this helps :)

    • Answered by Daniel W
    • 13/02/2013