Should I get white or black?

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    white helps eliminate fingermarks and dust and looks cool and its unique

    black looks more formal but looks ordinary

    but overall its your iPhone - your colour preferences

    • Answered by Alex L
    • 25/10/2012
  • of course, this is fundamentally a general color preference thing, but you should go to an apple store and experience both devices, in person, in your hand.

    one strong reason to prefer black in the short term is that iPhone apps that have not been updated for the taller screen will be letterboxed, and thus have black space. with the black iphone, that letterboxing is less obvious because it blends with the black bezel. however, this is just a temporary issue until most apps are updated to support the taller screen.

    i've never had a white phone, so i can speak to whether smudges and dirt are more obvious, but you should have your phone in a case, in my opinion, anyway. it will protect the phone from being damaged, but will also preserve the resale value. if you use a case, the color of the device matters a lot less (depending on the case).


    • Answered by Rob R from Berkeley
    • 25/10/2012
  • The white looks better with most cases and its really sleek. But the black is simple and clean cut it just depends on what kind of person you are. Personally I have the black because its not as showey

    • Answered by Sierra W from Nanimo
    • 16/02/2014