So, I got an 8 plus A1864 - T-Mobile says it will work in Germany, but I say will it?

I specifically told the team member I was moving to Germany, and that my phone should be good there. Showed me a list, said Germany, showed 4 providers. I doubled checked at home, and from what I read on the Apple website, it does not list any providers for Germany for the a1864 like it does for the a1897. The first support member I spoke with since finding this said, I’m almost sure it will work, check with your carrier. Second person says return the phone. Provider says, all I can tell you is from T-Mobile’s end, is that your phone will work in Germany. But, I say, “I will need to join a German provider at some point, and on apples site they do not list any lte support providers for this model. Which is weird why they would tell you to ask us if it would work or is unlocked if their site does not list it, and we didn’t make it, it’s their phone.


I’m leaning, return the phone tomorrow .... yes?

  • Asked by fn from Lafayette

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