What luminosity is provided by the screen?

This is generally in TIT's or Cande/sq meter.

A figure of 1000 is generally accepted as being good for use in sunlight.

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  • Hey Richard,
    The luminosity of the iPhone 5 screen is the highest currently on the market. I know that my 4S has very few issues in bright sunlight but the iPhone 5 is even better (my wife has one). Per a few websites I found, the iPhone 5 has a rating of 556 Candela per square meter, which is nearly double the AMOLED screen used in the Samsung Galaxy S3. Additionally, I have seen elsewhere that the iPhone 5's screen is upwards of 640 Candela per square meter. This, coupled with a contrast ratio that's off the charts means that the iPhone 5 is more than capable of being used in bright sunlight.

    I hope that helps!

    • Answered by Colin O from Victorville
    • 30/11/2013