Will a retired iPhone receive a signal w/out phone/i-net service? My child wants to play music only.

Have an old iphone, kids want to use for playing music and taking pics. Can they use it w/out a service plan? Will it receive a signal?

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    Yes, you will continue to be able to use your "retired " iPhone. It wii simlply become an iPod. Also Ive heard rumors that you can use one of many free VOIP apps to use your "retired" iPhone to access Voice Over Internet Protocol and then have the capability to talk on it again. It will almost be just as it was the day you bought it. (BUT FREE) One more thing, you must always remain in a WiFi Hot Spot

    • Answered by Patrick W from Saint Petersburg
    • 24/04/2012
  • It'll work with a wi-fi connection only.

    • Answered by Lynn S from Windsor Locks
    • 09/04/2012
  • Yes. You are able to use the phone as an iPod if their is no service.

    • Answered by Tarresha A from Raleigh
    • 19/04/2012