Will I be able to back up and restore all my data/contacts/photos/aps/music from my 3G if I change to an iPhone 4 or 4S, or is it too out of date?

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    yes you can. when you plug in your new phone to itunes just set it up as your old phone it should ask you the first time you plug it in.

    • Answered by Landon T from Spiritwood
    • 18/10/2012
  • It really depends on what iOS version your 3G is running, if it is on iOS 4.2.1 it should work. That being said, if you regularly sync your 3G to a computer, you should be able to just transfer from iTunes to your new Phone.
    Hope this helps:)

    • Answered by Chris W from Tennyson Point
    • 18/10/2012
  • You should be able to! As long as all your contacts/photos and stuff is on your SIM card. meanwhile, your app and music won't because you need to re-sync it to your iTunes but all your app history such as your purchased one or purchased songs are saved on your iTunes account.

    • Answered by Charity P from Burgeo
    • 18/10/2012
  • Yes, as long as you back the content up either to iTunes or iCloud. When you get the new phone, it will give you the option to restore it from an iCloud or iTunes backup. Then follow the instructions.

    • Answered by Benjamin O from Corcoran
    • 18/10/2012
  • No it's not out of date and you will be able to do a complete back up and restore.

    • Answered by Carl J V from York
    • 19/10/2012