What is the strap for in the iPod touch 5th generation for?

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    It is for keeping it close. On the back of the Ipod touch the left bottom is a circle. Push the gray little circle and it will come up and you may attach the strap there.

    • Answered by Matthew S from Sherrill
    • 29/12/2013
  • Um....so you can secure it to your wrist and not drop it, especially for kids or adults with butterfingers!

    • Answered by Rajesh P from El Paso
    • 15/01/2014
  • Same as any other wrist strap. You put your hand through it. You can use it to carry the device (I don't) or you can use it to help stabilize it if you're holding it with just one hand (which I do).

    • Answered by Eve B from Boynton Beach
    • 29/12/2013
  • If you mean the iPod Touch Loop, you must attach it to the silver circle on the bottom left. It makes sure you don't drop it if you have it secured on. Also, many cases do not support it, AKA block it out.

    • Answered by Brian I from Ellicott City
    • 29/12/2013