Architecture student wanting to use a MacBook Pro

Hi, I'm an architecture student and I want to get a something portable, which I can use for university stuff and my own personal stuff.

The kind of software I use is ArchiCad, Autocad, Rhino, Microstation, Adobe Photoshop, Indesign.. etc...

I know that it is fairly big software which uses a lot of memory. Some of the software (such as AutoCad) is in my opinion much better suited to Windows, but others for Mac. My idea was to get a Mac and split the hard drive to have half windows, half mac.

Also being a student I have limited funds.

So I guess I have 2 questions:
1. Is splitting the hardrive a good idea and will it work?
2. If I do split it how big a computer do I need to get for it still to function quickly and well?

I think 17inch screen is unnecessarily large. So i'm torn between getting a 13inch and a 15inch. Am I better off spending money on a higher spec 13 inch or a lower spec 15 inch?

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  • If I were in your position I would purchase a MacBook Pro with retina display. I am not really familiar with the software you are using so I don't know about really know about the memory. Definitely do not go with 4GB of memory though. I think processors work more with the speed of one application so if you are not going to run applications simultaneously, then a higher processor may be good as well. Screen size is nothing essential so go for the 13". I am not familiar with splitting a hard drive so I am not very sure but I am sure an Apple advisor will be able to help you. Just click 'ask now' at the top of the screen in the store section on the apple site and they will be able to answer that question. It really depends how many files you are going to store on your Mac and how large the files are. If you run out of storage on your mac you can always purchase an external hard drive for more space.

    I hope this has helped you.

    • Answered by Sulie S
    • 28/08/2013