can i run autocad on imac? also can i transfer all my data & software from my existing pc machine and how or what do i need to do it?

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    It depends on the version of autocad you have. Anything older then 2012 must be run using bootcamp or Parallels. If you're like me, you run a variety of design programs at the same time, so I would suggest getting Parallels. It allows you to run Windows-based programs and mac-based programs at the same time. Make sure you have at least 8g of ramm. If you have autocad 2012, it is made specifically for mac, so no additional programs are required! It's easy to transfer information from a pc to mac. Depending on the amount of information you have, use a thumb-drive/external hard drive and plug it in to your mac. The only document types you may have issue with is .doc's if you don't have Office for mac. .dwgs, .pdfs, and .psd should all transfer with no issues. Hope that helps!

    • Answered by Katrina M from Columbia
    • 29/08/2011
  • It depends on what type of data you are planning to transfer, for the most part it can be done with any USB flash drive, all you have to do is load all your data onto the flash drive and then open it on the mac and load it off. If you are loading music however this is extra sweet because it you can do it over the internet using itunes, all you have to do is sign in with your apple account and then turn on home sharing, then do the same thing on the mac, just open itunes, sign in, and turn on home sharing, if you have done it right it should load all the songs, videos, podcasts, etc onto the mac.

    • Answered by Steve O from Ballinafad
    • 12/08/2011