I am seriously considering a Mac and am wondering which of the Mac is best suited for final cut studio??

video -editing, semi pro

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    The type of mac that you need depends on your work environment. If you edit videos mainly at work or at home, basically at a desk, then an imac is probably best due to its large screen size.

    If you travel a lot, then a laptop is much more portable. The cheapest option would be a regular macbook, but if you want a bigger screen and a faster processor, and don't mind the price increase, then a macbook pro 15 or 17 is the way to go.

    Personally, I edit videos, and have a macbook pro 15, in conjunction with a monitor. I found that this was the cheapest option if I wanted a much larger screen for viewing all of my clips, and the i7 core doesn't hurt.

    • Answered by Veena I from Edison
    • 24/02/2011
  • I think it would be the MacBook Pro because it has improved graphics cards and its hard drive is bigger but I believe that it will run best in the following order (Best to worst)

    Mac Pro (the big desktop)
    MacBook Pro
    MacBook Air
    Mac Mini

    • Answered by Jackson O from Weymouth
    • 15/04/2011
  • I would say this depends largely on what kind of video editing your doing. If you're working on 1080i or p HD video with lots of rendering, your MBP will be molten in no time. My daughter has melted one MBP in less than two years. I would say (if you have the money) go for a Mac Pro. It will do the work much faster and won't overheat.

    • Answered by Alan T from Calgary
    • 08/09/2011
  • MacPro. or i5 or higher iMac

    • Answered by David F from Chilliwack
    • 16/01/2011