If a Macbook Air powerful enough for video editing?

I love the portability of the Macbook Air, but I occasionally have to edit sound files, photos, and videos. Would a Macbook Air be sufficiently powerful enough?

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    • For occasional video editing:
    Yes, it's fine. It'll probably do everything, just a little bit slower than a machine could do the job.

    • For regular video editing:
    No, get the MBPro (15/Retina 15" —or the just removed 17"— models which have much better CPU's and dedicated graphics chips, and would regularly outperform the Air's.

    Short and uncomplicated answer. But of course many factors determine good performance, which are personal trade-off's. Eg's:
    - Portability: Air (light/small), MBPro (heavier).
    - Storage: SSD/flash (more expensive) quicker than HDD's (cheaper).
    - RAM more is better: Air (limited amount), MBPro's (upto 16GB).
    - I/O ports: Air less than MBPro (depends what's needed to connect).
    - Optical drive: Air/non-Retina MBPro (none), other MBPro (yes).
    - Screen: Retina MBP obviously has a superior resolution screen.
    - Affordability: Air generally less than MBP (depends on exact purchase).

    So you have to base your decision on many of these things.

    • Answered by James S
    • 16/07/2012
  • Without a doubt. I have recently moved from a macbook pro (2.4 santa rosa) to an 11 inch macbook air and have found the new machine to be MUCH faster in final cut as well as just generally.
    I frequently edit 100mbps avc-intra without breaking sweat, natively in FCPX, whereas on the macbook pro more often than not it turned into a massive headache.
    Exporting takes a bit longer on the air, assumably due to the lower clocked cpu and lack of dedicated graphics card, as well as rendering appearing to be somewhat more sluggish. Overall snappiness while using however is immense on the macbook air (the ssd helps a lot) and the processors are more than capable.
    Have no fears, any of the current macbook air line will be more than capable of taking care of all your editing needs.
    I have yet to use the machine for any after effects work though and to be honest I doubt it would be really capable in that respect.

    • Answered by William T
    • 29/10/2012
  • it will be powerful enough for many tasks including creating digital video and sound after all that is one of my reasons i purchased the note book, even though it says 5 hour battery life, that can probably be extended if you do not go online. but it will most probably be OK.

    (as long as you have the charger with you)

    • Answered by Max G from Braintree
    • 12/04/2012