if i buy a macbook pro non retina with a 1T GB hard drive down the road will i be able to have apple upgrade that to a SSD 512GB?

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    Apple might not upgrade it for you but you can do it yourself. I recently upgraded my 2011 13" non-retina Macbook Pro from its original factory-fitted 360Gb hard drive to a Crucial 500Gb SSD drive and it's surprisingly easy to do. The switch from a spinning disk drive to solid state storage transforms the performance - much more than a RAM upgrade does - so if you go with the non-retina MacBook Pro you've got a good upgrade path and years of extended use.

    • Answered by Andrew C
    • 07/08/2013
  • No, and I would highly recommend getting the SSD, and if so you really shouldn't get the non-retina MacBook Pro. The airs are a lot faster than you think, and Macbook pros with retina display are even faster

    • Answered by Mark B from Golden
    • 05/08/2013