iMac vs. Mac Pro for video editing

I'm ready to replace an aging Mac G5 and upgrade to Final Cut Pro X. Should I go with a new iMac or a Mac Pro? How much memory, processing power, hard drive space, etc., should I add for best results (but without exceeding my $4,000 total budget?)

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    The Mac Pro is not a High End desktop, it is a workstation. It is meant for companies to but 10 of them for Music Production, (ect). The 27 inch IMac does a great job with video editing. Dont spend to much money on harddrive space cause you can always buy a external dive when needed. I Do recommend that you upgrade your IMac to a Intel Core i7 processor, also at least 8 Gb of ram.

    • Answered by Drew S from Monarch Beach
    • 09/04/2012