MacBook Pro 15" for photography - hi-res glossy screen or the anti-glare screen?

Hi, I am going to study photography soon and plan to invest in a MacBook Pro. Thinking about a 15" screen. I am confused between the hi-res glossy screen and the anti-glare screen.

I am currently using a MacBook 13" with an anti-glare screen. I am okay with it. I have heard for purposes of Photography - the glossy screen would display the true, real colours. And then, I have read reviews which say otherwise. Please suggest!

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    Typically I see glossy screens as having deeper blacks and higher contrast as well as being nicer to watch movies at night but often colors are overly saturated. Anti glare cuts glare (obviously) colors are very decent and fairly accurate but at the risk of also "washing out" some of the color. Mind you, all of these pros and cons are subtleties

    There is NO STANDARD in the industry. Many go with glossy and many with matte finish. Go with your gut instinct. I use a matte finish but know industry pros who use glossy. It's important as a photographer you calibrate your screen so your colors print the way you see them on screen.

    Good Luck!

    • Answered by Matthew S from Brooklyn
    • 12/07/2012
  • Hey Sujata,
    I own a antiglare and work on computer a lot using photoshop etc. I was lucky to have it for number of reasons and I would suggest you to go for Anti-glare, as it is easy to look a it for loooooong loooong periods of time, works well near direct lights...!

    • Answered by Sat S from Winnipeg
    • 29/06/2012
  • Don't get the glossy screen!

    It is useless, i'm a graphic designer and have a new 27" iMac which you can only get with a glossy screen.

    It just picks up all the reflections in the office a bit like looking in a mirror all day.
    I think it strains your eyes more and its no good for photo or colour re-touching.

    Its a shame as the iMac is really good, I wish they at least had the option of an anti glare screen for the iMac.

    How many flat screen TVs do you see with a glossy screen??

    • Answered by Stephen W
    • 25/09/2012
  • Antiglare because of the higher resolution capabilities of the video card. Gives you room if you decide to work on a larger external screen.

    The glossy version has a big issue with reflections, luckily its just for personal use but I did some work on it and found that after 3 days I was looking for a filter to put on top of it because the glossy causes reflections to be substantially more prominent.

    • Answered by Jim T from Oakland Park
    • 09/08/2012