What is cloudd

I get the messages ...Cloudd wants to use the Local Items keychain.
What is cloudd?
What is keychain?
How do I get rid of it

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  • It looks like Cloudd is a daemon process that syncs your local items to iCloud on Apple's servers. The only way to get rid of it is to turn off iCloud syncing. It's not a bad idea to use iCloud as a backup to your devices.

    Your Keychain is the record of all of your passwords that you store there. Your mac while using Safari, Chrome, Mail, Thunderbird, Firefox, iMessage and FaceTime will ask if you want to have your mac remember your password for future logins. Hopefully you have a strong password locking your mac - which is also responsible for locking your keychain. If this is the case, you can trust your keychain to remember all the rest of your passwords. You should change this primary login at least every quarter. iCloud can also save your passwords across multiple Apple devices.

    • Answered by Douglas K from Lowell
    • 02/07/2018