Which macbook pro is better for architectural design (doing 3d models) the 15 inch or the 17 inch?

Iam a university student and am looking at getting the macbook pro but im unsure of what one to get. The 15 inch or 17 inch?
I will be doing 3d models on it.

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    If you are an architectural student would recommend getting the 15 inch or the 17 inch. But do not get the 15inch with the 2.0GHz i7. Get the 2.2 GHz i7 and try upgrading to 2.3GHz (not really a big difference) if you want. Its always better to get the best processor when ordering because you cannot change it afterwards and always better to upgrade your ram now from 4GB to 8GB because it will cost you less this time rather than paying $200 for 6GB and $400 for 4GB aftwerwards.
    Im also an Architectural Student but, in my institution Architectural Design software is usually run on Windows. Bootcamp can be a good option for running windows on the mac.

    • Answered by Aruan S from Brampton
    • 28/06/2011
  • I would go for the higher-end 15 inch MacBook due to the similar performance in the two model sizes. The extra portability gained will be much enjoyed, and if the extra 2 inches matters enough to you I would buy a 24-inch monitor online for about $150 and hook that up to your Mac when it's at your desk. I would also upgrade to 8GB of RAM for your modeling time.

    • Answered by Benjamin W from Milford
    • 18/06/2011
  • I am also architecture student and i went with the 17 inch option with an upgrade to the video card and the processor and the additinal ram--if you have the money i highly recommend an ssd it will speed up your renderings. Most in my school use the 15 inch macbook pros with no Problems. the other good option is to save yoru money on the 15 to 17 inch cost and use that money for an ssd on the 15inch model along with a 20-24 inch monitor to make up the lost resolution and the extra 2 inches lost from the 17 inch monel.

    • Answered by Adolfo C from Brenham
    • 21/05/2012