use with iPad/iMac/ & PC

Can I use this device with my iPad 2?
Can I take it from my Mac at Home to my PC at work seamlessly?
If not, is there another external storage device I should be looking at between 500GB and 1 TB ?

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    There is no easy way to use an external hard drive with an iPad or any other common tablet computer. It will work on a PC and Mac. Another issue is that different operating systems use different filesystems. Windows typically uses NTFS, while Mac OS X can read from NTFS, but can't write to it. Linux can read and write to NTFS. Linux typically uses ext4, which can't be accessed at all from Mac OS X or Windows. Mac OS X uses HFS+, which can be accessed from Linux but not Windows. Fat32 will work on all operating systems, but it has some limitations (for example it doesn't support files larger than 4 GB). Fat32 is currently your only option if you want to use the drive on both PC and Mac and need read/write support on Mac.