Using Multiple bridges in same house - can sets of lights in different rooms be controlled separately?

Four lights in bar area, five lights in den, 2 lights in bedroom. How to control each separately? Do you have to buy multiple bridges?

Philips Hue Connected Bulb - Single Pack

Philips Hue Connected Bulb - Single Pack

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    Also worth noting that multiple bridges are not necessary. Each bulb functions as a wifi extender from the bridge it is connected to. So even if you have a 12,000 sq ft house, you could still use Hue lights on one side of the house connected to the bridge on the other side of the house as long as there are sufficient bulbs in between the two points that are each within range of the previous bulb, if that makes sense. If a bulb cannot get a signal from the bridge, it can get the signal from the nearest bulb that is connected to the bridge.

  • I use a single bridge with a large number of Hue lights in my house. To control my rooms separately I use the "Hue Lights" app and assign each room to a category. Within the category I create relevant scenes for that room. There are also some generic scenes that span the whole house or just the downstairs.

  • No a bridge will control at least 50 lights so you're fine. As a mater of fact you can only have one bridge per account so to use multiple accounts you'd have to sign in and out on the app to reach the different bridgs/lights

  • You only need a single bridge for the Entire house normally..

    You can group the bulbs and control the groups separately.