Want large, the 42mm model for my wife, but she has slim hands. Want to know is there spare, shorter band in the box?

Apple Watch Nike Sport Loop

Apple Watch Nike Sport Loop

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    I have the silver 42mm GPS and it comes with two bands. A M/L and the S/M. I have pretty small wrists and the S/M works perfect.

  • the sport loop fits 145- to 220-millimetre wrists. So pretty much most of the wrists are covered.
    There's only one band in the packaging and it's very infinitely adjustable due to the Velcro closure

  • There is a shorter band inside the box it comes with. The one on the watch already is the M/L band, but the one in the box is the S/M band. I had to change it out so it would fight properly.

  • Yes. The sport band comes with three pieces, one with the pin and two with holes. The ones with holes are two different lengths to accommodate most wrist sizes. I am a female and have no problem with the bands being too long. Also the description of the bands will tell you what diameter wrists it will fit. If you order a new watch with the sport band there will be three pieces in the box. If you get one of the loop bands they have an infinite adjustment so they will work for pretty much anyone. The bands with the buckle work just like regular bands you buy at the store. The size of the band depends on the size of your wife's wrist, not her hands.

  • My 38mm watch comes with a large band and a small band. I would think the 42mm would come with two bands too����