What different between the beats studio over ear headphone and beats solo hd on earphone?

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    Studios, which are over ear, cover your entire ear so your ears are inside of the headphones and they are much bigger than solo hds. Solo hds rest quite comfortably on your ears and are very light and portable. People argue that the sound quality is better on Studios but I reccomend picking yourself up some solo hds because a). the quality is just as good b). they are smaller and lighter and c). they cost $100 less.
    Just my opinion

  • The Beats Solo HD is an over hear headphone by Beats whereas the Beats Studio is an over ear headphone. I own the new Studio headphones and I think they are a lot better than both the Solo HD's and the old Studio's. The sound they produce is great and the bass is only present when its needed, and slightly stronger in the mid-bass range. They produce an active almost fast sound, with little sound leakage, are extremely comfortable and have a great noise cancelling feature. They are miles better than the original! If you have the money I advise to invest in them.

  • The studio has more bass and less sound leak. and the beats solo hd are smaller and fit on your ear and have less bass and more sound leak. but i think they sound the same.