Will Airport Express or Extreme improve my I-Phone reception? I am in a big building where ATT signal is extremely weak, cannot receive or make calls

  • Asked by fn from Lake Forest
AirPort Express

AirPort Express

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    If you have internet already, you can contact AT&T and tell them that you have poor reception in your home. They offer a 3G MicroCell that routes your calls through your internet connection. We have poor reception at our home, and AT&T offered this to us for free. It has worked well enough for the past several years. We use the MicroCell with an airport Extreme.

    • Answered by Lora L B from Olympia
  • If you subscribe to broadband internet, a Microcell might be the solution (a quick search on Google or Amazon will bring it up). In layman's terms, the Microcell is a "cell tower" that connects to your broadband connection via Ethernet, your phone connects to it as if it is a standard cell tower and you can then make and receive calls as you would with "full cellular service". It is also AT&T branded, so you won't violate any "agreements" with AT&T. On a side-note, the Microcell is considerably more expensive than the AirPort Express. Hope this helps.

    • Answered by Chris M from Seattle
  • No. It has nothing to do with AT&T's wireless signal capabilities. It only works as a wireless router to use with WiFi on your device to provide data access for apps and such. You could use it to make "internet" calls via Skype or FaceTime.

    • Answered by Sweet John M from Austin