Will these bulbs work in 220v 50hz? There is conflicting reports on the web as to whether there are different bulbs or only one bulb with dual voltag

Philips Hue Connected Bulb - Starter Pack

Philips Hue Connected Bulb - Starter Pack

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    I'm in the UK - the bulbs have 220v-240V printed on them

  • After having run tests myself, I can confirm that:
    Philips Hue bulbs bought in the US work with 220 volts, even though they are rated for 110 volts.
    However, Philips Hue Lux bulbs, which are rated for 110 volts, will not work with 220 volts.

    I bought a Hue and a couple of Hue Lux bulbs and I planned to use it in India where the household electrical supply is 220 volts 50 hz.

    The Hue bulb worked fine and has been running for over a week without any issue.
    The Hue Lux bulb, on the other hand, worked for only a couple of hours. It then began to flicker rapidly and then died.

  • ^ Did you buy it from the U.S or the U.k