Would this replace my FitBit or an iWatch if I was to consider purchasing one of them?

  • Asked by fn from Florence
Spire Health Tag Sleep, Stress, and Activity Tracker

Spire Health Tag Sleep, Stress, and Activity Tracker

Product No Longer Available

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  • What feature of the Apple Watch exactly are you looking to replace with Spire tags?

    Spire tags are certainly not meant to replace a smart watch, or at least not a fully featured one such as the Apple Watch. You'll get better global health data if you add Spire tags to an Apple Watch and other data sources (& vice versa), but at the end of the day, Spire tags are pretty much just sensors pushing heart rate, steps and breathing pattern data to your iPhone.

    Could you replace your iPhone with an Apple Watch? Well, if all you need is knowing the time and having cellular access for calls, then sure why not! But you won't browse the web on the Watch, and the iPhone won't measure your heart rate throughout the day.

    I guess wether or not an Apple Watch can be replaced by Spire tags doesn't address your hesitation. Rather, what features do you need to satisfy your requirements, and which solution(s) will be best fit for you?

    • Answered by Gabriel B from Quebec