how does apple color its gold stainless steel (series 4 watch)? Is the color mixed in with the material, or is it coated?


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    It's not real gold, it's just a dye. The casing is entirely Stainless Steel. Back when the first Apple Watch was released, it was just called the 'Apple Watch', but now called the Series 0, because the Series 1, deployed with the Series 2, is better than the Series 0. Anyway, there was a version of it, called the 'Edition'. The Edition was real gold, but Apple realised something. If you were buying an expensive analogue watch, like a Rolex, you might want a gold one, because it's used as a status symbol, and everyone would envy you if you spent a huge amount on a watch. But analogue watches didn't update year-on-year. Apple Watches do. So if you had a gold one, people would envy you for having a $10,000 watch, but then a year later, it would be obsolete, and a much cheaper aluminium Series 2 would be better. So Apple cancelled the gold ones, but the Edition made a resurgence in the Series 3. You could get one made of ceramic, and Apple advertised that it was scratch-proof, but it's more prone to shattering. The Gold Stainless Steel Series 4 is just Stainless Steel. It's much more durable, but the sapphire glass over the screen makes it slightly dimmer (but I keep mine on the minimum brightness, to preserve battery life, and it's still pretty bright, and you probably won't notice it). For something that refreshes annually, spending $300 more to make it shiny, durable and slightly dimmer might not be worth it.

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  • It uses the same PVD (physical vapour deposition) process as the Gold iPhone XS. It's a thin coating on the exterior of the stainless steel. Hope that helps!

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