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    Works as described. Satisfied with the performance. Giving only 4 stars due to high price.

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    I used this drive to store valuable footage and kept it in my desk drawer. One year later I go to use it and it's completely dead, no power via thunderbolt or usb. Currently getting a replacement but my data is gone forever. Avoid G-Tech and WD drives in general as every one I've had has failed early.

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    I am a media student. I bought my first G DRIVE in 2014 because my professor said we needed a hard drive with thunderbolt. I bought this. I used it for one project, it was fine. 2 years later (2016) I used it for another media project. The USB 3 port stops working, so everyone on my crew who doesn't have a Mac can't access my files. I send it in to G-Tech (YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR THE SHIPPING WTF?), and they send my a "new" one. Was it actually new? NO! It was refurbished.

    Anyway, I used it again this year, and GUESS WHAT? The thing broke AGAIN! I was transferring my files over to my computer (and thank god I did), and when I was done, the drive wouldn't let me eject even though it wasn't being used for any program. I had to force eject. The next day, I plug in (via USB 3) to one of the macs at my school, and it doesn't work. I try every USB port on 3 different computers. I go down to my school's equipment distribution centre and rent out a Thunderbolt cord, thinking the just the USB 3 port is broken. It doesn't work either.

    I called and they said there was nothing they could do. I am so careful with all of my equipment, so this was not an issue of mishandling. A 3 year warrantee is not enough when your products are GARBAGE. They should NOT break after 2 uses!

    Get a WD Passport. Trust me.

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    Glad I chose this one

    I looked at quite a few HDs with Firewire + USB before choosing this one. I needed Firewire as I've maxed out the USB ports on my MBP with music/recording equipment. Fast. Flexible... Quiet enough for my studio, despite claims of it being noisy by another customer in this comment thread. Very happy.

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    Happy user!

    Honestly, I shopped around for a few hours looking for the right drive. I finally choose the G- Drive Mobile. It gets the job done. The price point is higher than many other options, but if that was my real concern I wouldn't own a Mac... So, don't cheap out. This is the brand that the pros trust for a reason! Happy shopping!

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    NOT "Whisper Quiet"

    Just bought this and set it up. It is NOT "whisper quiet." I work in music production. I bought this for my home studio for the large file and quick transfer rate so that I could use it as a dedicated drive for only music libraries, projects, etc. But with the level of noise, I can see it is going to be a problem. I need to listen for very subtle sound quality issues when mixing tracks with studio monitors. This will interfere with my ability to do that since there is a constant very audible hissing noise. Sounds like one of those little mini desk fans. Marketing says it's good for audio professionals. This is NOT true. Photographers/film professionals with huge files, maybe. But not anyone that needs to work with audio.

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    Not as fast as advertised

    Sleek, compact and efficient, but it does not live up to the advertised transfer rates. While I don't expect the fastest transfer rate as a Time Machine option, the Thunder Bolt backs up at approximately 13 mbps, which is 1/10th the advertised top speed. Faster than a USB drive, but painful for transferring large amounts of data.

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    Get a LaCie instead

    I bought one in March this year, it was broken by June. I couldn't access my files, it wouldn't let me transfer to another drive. I pretty much could plug it in and stare at all my folders and couldn't do anything with it. I did try Disk Utility to repair it, then my Time Machine partition became unusable. Ok... I would wipe it and bite the bullet to lose all my data. The disk couldn't even be erased. I called the authorized warranty shop, the so call 3-year warranty is only good for ONE replacement on defective product, so if your next one was defective, you are stuck with this 200 bucks external drive. I did manage to get mine replaced, I had to pay the shipping to send the junk back. The drive does run pretty hot, don't use it while sitting on the couch, and it's noisy. I got a LaCie while they processed my replacement, couldn't be happier with LaCie. Avoid buying this.

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    Maybe I got a faulty one?

    The drive mounts when using thunderbolt, but that's about it; once you start moving data to it, it slows down rapidly and it gets hot! It works fine when using it as a USB drive, but it's a pity the thunderbolt feature is useless at present. If I ever get around to contacting support I will repost, regarding to my experience with this.

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    This is an excellent product; it looks great next to a Mac and works a treat too. I'm using it with a new iMac, and have seen speeds of over 130 MB/s with the Thunderbolt interface. The USB 3.0 is generally about half as fast. Drive cloning via Thunderbolt is much quicker than I've been used to. The drive does get rather warm when in continuous use, but overall I'm so impressed that I've just ordered another one!

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