• 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Good except for two major flaws

    • Written by Craig D from Cherrybrook

    The case arrived today, and after a fair amount of struggling I finally managed to get the iPad into it (far too snug a fit for my liking). The case seems well constructed and should provide all the protection I need. However ...

    The first flaw I knew before I bought it. There is no way to set the iPad vertically (portrait mode) at a comfortable viewing angle. I just couldn't find a case anywhere that did it, even though this purchase was to replace a case that did it easily.

    The second flaw is the real reason I only gave this case two stars. The two volume buttons built into the case and the rotate-lock switch access DO NOT ALIGN with these buttons on the iPad. The case is a whopping 10mm out! That means that with the case fitted, all I can do is turn the volume UP (using the case's volume DOWN button). I can't turn the volume down or access the rotate-lock switch. For an otherwise fine case, this is a significant failure. I can see myself having to cut out that section out of the case just so that I can actually use my iPad with the case fitted. Very poor design.

    At this price, I expected better.

  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Good case.

    • Written by Paul H from Ridgway

    Purchased STM Dux Case and the on/off key was very hard to operate - contacted manufacturer they said it takes time to break in - after one week no better. Purchaes Tech21 and no issues - works very good - on/off button functions very easy.

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